Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fratting 101

So you're fresh out of high school ready to enjoy your last summer before going away to college. You have many questions about college, especially, should I join a fraternity, and if so, which one? This blog can help guide you through the ins and out and pit falls of rush; proper fratty attire, attitude, and behavior. First a few definitions before we start: "TFM" - Total Frat Move. Used when one behaves in such a way that it exudes what it means to frat hard. Example: Seersucker suit, boat shoes and no socks at a wedding = TFM. "TSM" - Total Sorority Move. The sorority equivalent of a TFM. "GDI" - God Damn Independent. Used when describing anything or anyone that isn't fratty. Example: The state of New Jersey is very GDI. "Fratty Light" - Natural Light "Not Frat" - May be used to describe anything that isn't southern or fratty. Example: Obama is not frat. We will get into more common used terms as we move forward but you get the basic idea. More to follow in the next post.